Affordable professional care

Affordable professional care and monitoring for elderly patients with diseases such as: Hemodialysis, Alzheimer's disease, Dementia, Diabetes and Parkinson's disease.



24 hour medical surveillance

24 hour medical surveillance: with drug administration and vital sign registry.


Specialized Amenities

Specialized amenities with everything needed for a soothing stay, with air conditioning, heating, television, etc.



Laundry Services

Laundry Services (clothing and bed).

Meals and specialized diets

Three meals and two refreshments: at noon and in the evening. We can prepare any specialized diet.

Physical Therapies

Physical therapy and massages, suited for each resident.

Ocupational Therapy

Occupational therapy in the afternoon (painting, drawing, reading and board games).


Personal higiene

Haircuts once a month; nail and toe nail clipping.

Birthday Celebrations

Birthday celebrations for each resident.

Prayer and communion

Catholic prayer and communion each Wednesday.

Video monitoring

Video monitoring for your tranqulity.

Visitors are always welcome

Visitors are always welcome within our hours of operation.

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Baja Premium Assisted Living Care

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